Conceptual Integrated CRM – GIS Framework


  • Asmaa Doedar Arab Academy for science &Technology, Cairo


Customer relationship management, Geographical information System, Data visualization, Business intelligence


CRM system(customer relationship management) is sophisticated combination of smart components, which interacted together allowing corporates to maintain their relationships with customers through making good decision to increase their profitability. The data in CRM systems is the main engine in all corporates. And the power is analyze it and generate another useful data. In any CRM system its so  difficult to analyze and preview thousands of data records in text format that’s why the “data  visualization” is one of the important CRM dimension. this is will be covered by this paper which representing proposed conceptual CRM – GIS integrated framework. This  framework aiming to spot the light on the importance of visualize the data with its locations on maps using GIS module (geographical information system) . And how is locating data on maps leverages the efficiency of analyzing / previewing data and take vital decisions accordingly. The proposed conceptual framework explains how CRM system’s components integrated with the GIS components in telecommunication corporate as a business case. This conceptual framework has been designed from the architectural point of view. This study will help researchers to increase their understanding of the impact of GIS integration within CRM system.

Author Biography

Asmaa Doedar, Arab Academy for science &Technology, Cairo

College of Computing and Information Technology


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