Building an Application Server for Home Network based on Android Platform


  • Dr.-Ing. Southern Taiwan University
  • Yi-Hsien Liao Southern Taiwan University


Android Platform, Application Server, Powerline Communication


Android platform is developed by Google Inc. since 2007, this open and free software stack includes an
operating system, middleware and also key applications for use on mobile devices originally, now Android is an Open Handset Alliance Project. Application servers refer to the service, hardware, and software used to host a website. The software (middleware) perform a variety of functions online that connect information from a database to a web application, in a distributed network it functions on a multitier software architecture platform that serves an Application Protocol Interface (API). An application server based on an Android platform is developed in this paper that provides a web control system for home network via home powerline. The main benefits of this system are license free, highly mobility, and free of wire connection between household appliances.

Author Biographies

Dr.-Ing. , Southern Taiwan University

Department of Electrical Engineering
Southern Taiwan University
No. 1, Nan-Tai St., Yung-Kang/Tainan, Taiwan 710

Yi-Hsien Liao , Southern Taiwan University

Department of Electrical Engineering
No. 1, Nan-Tai St., Yung-Kang/Tainan


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